Made Visible

Photo by Mark Douet, Anjali Mya Chadha (Ayesha), Mia Soteriou (Ila) by mic, Haley McGee (Deborah) writing on screen.

“ There’s a playful quality to the script and Stella Odunlami’s production, but what’s at stake is deadly serious: the play quotes poet Claudia Rankine’s observation: “Because white men can’t / police their imaginations / black men are dying.” It becomes increasingly apparent that Deborah can’t police her imagination either. Can we? ” ★★★★  Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Deborah has no idea how to talk about the fact that she’s white, and she wonders why that is. In part written and devised with performers, based on a “real encounter” in Victoria Park with two strangers, this is a play about white privilege and white accountability. Nothing will be solved, and everything will be messy.  This is not about guilt and confessions, but honesty. However far that can get us.

Deborah Haley McGee
Ila Mia Soteriou
Ayesha Anjali Mya Chadha
Designer Hyemi Shin
Lighting Designer Marty Langthorne
Sound Designer Josh Grigg