Reintroducing Oshun

1239588_10153227233115375_2021638856_n                                                                                     Creative Director

In October 2013 the interdisciplinary arts festival Re-Introducing Oshun debuted at Guest Projects Africa, a creative spaced owned by renowned visual artist Yinka Shonibare for a 10 day residency. Using the Yoruba goddess Oshun as a stimulus, several new pieces of work were commissioned and exhibited exploring the fetishisation of the black female body. A paper on the subversion of constructs of beauty was also shared at a Symposium at the INIVA Gallery. It closed with a live visual art and performance piece at Lyric Hammersmith and was awarded funding from the Arts Council England.

Over the course of the project we worked with: 21 Artists
Engaged with a physical audience of: 500 people
And an online audience of over: 6,000 people

Lucia Schwelgert, Ensemble Member
‘I see it as the start of my career.. it fills me with lots of pride, that I was lucky to have the opportunity for my first job to be my dream job.’

Lola John, Audience Memeber
‘I enjoyed both events and liked the fact it used interdisciplinary mediums to depict the full nature of a wonderful west African deity. Poetry, storytelling and dance was really epic to say the least… Your event has inspired me..’

Sonia Hope, Iniva Gallery, Stuart Hall Library
One of the highlights of the symposium!’

Further information about this project can be found here on the on the Reintroducing Oshun Tumblr page.