London Wall 19.80. Something: MOVE!

Lethargy. My thoughts singular play, on repeat.

outside my mind there is nothing new.
Eyes look upwards hunting a simple diversion.
Inky blue irises reflect what’s outside my window.
Nothing. An elaborately formed concrete
coloured nothing. Concrete concreted on..

London Wall 19.80. Something: Move

This piece was initially conceived as part installation-part aural document featuring interviews and musings of women born between 1980-1989 who live(d) in social housing. It was specially reworked for the gal-dem take over of the V&A. Reimagined and presented in the plaster casts courts and bought to life by three performers in homage to the capital’s heroines and their childhood homes.

Initially developed with support with Theatre Royal Stratford East and New World Nigeria.


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